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Planning with SureStart®

The surest way to protect against safety issues while speeding startup completion is to engage the startup and commissioning team early on.

Each SureStart project begins with the assembly of a world class team of your operations experts and our seasoned startup personnel. We combine engineering, construction, and startup personnel into a single team so we can focus our shared efforts on achieving — or even improving — the scheduled startup completion date.

We also gather site-specific information to better define the ways in which we can tailor our process to meet your specific needs. At your request, we can review or participate in hazard and operability studies (HAZOP) to identify and evaluate any potential risks. By increasing our awareness of possible hazards, we’re able to better protect the safety of your plant and personnel throughout the process.

In addition to being crucial to overall coordination, early engagement allows us the opportunity to assist you with Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), which provides the startup team with detailed system knowledge prior to the commencement of startup. It also frees your engineering and operations personnel to focus on design completion and early construction activities.

We use the project documents (instrument database, spec sheets, P&IDs, etc.) and other operational information gathered during this phase to electronically create startup check-sheets and detailed turnover packages with our eStart℠ app, reducing documentation time by up to 30%.

The team then develops a custom startup schedule that facilitates parallel activities between the construction trades and the commissioning team. We parse the project into subsystems so the handoff between construction and the commissioning team occurs in smaller pieces. This ”heel-to-toe approach” is designed to minimize the time between construction complete and startup complete.