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Control System Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of automation systems, related information systems and plant operating equipment is a must for optimal operation of manufacturing facilities — and MAVERICK Technologies does it all.

Failures seldom occur without prior warning, but these warnings are often subtle, requiring careful analysis of data by experienced personnel for early detection. Unfortunately, many manufacturers don’t have the personnel available to perform this analysis, so key indicators of impending failures are largely ignored. Breakdown soon follows, leading to costly downtime and unscheduled maintenance.

With our PlantFloor24® solution, however, MAVERICK helps maximize uptime by identifying and monitoring the critical parameters that typically indicate potential failure, such as hard disk usage, percentage of utilized memory or warnings generated by the automation system. You can customize your control system monitoring solution by choosing how often you want certain services performed:


  • Control systems incident management and support — remote and on-site
  • Remote monitoring of networks, servers, PLCs, HMIs, historians and other plant systems


  • Lifecycle management of plant hardware and software


  • Testing and deployment of patches and software updates for OS and control systems
  • System health checks
  • Planned maintenance and calibration
  • System backup and recovery
  • Plant security assessments and remediation
  • Improvement projects
  • Simulation and factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Training

By using sophisticated statistical data analysis techniques and expert judgment, we can make remote corrections when abnormal conditions occur, notify plant personnel to take action when necessary or recommend proactive maintenance. We will help you detect and troubleshoot issues before they occur to minimize breakdowns and consequent downtime.