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MAVERICK Technologies offers an ever-expanding library of automation and control engineering white papers as part of our ongoing effort to build and share a foundation of expertise. Download the papers below, and contact us for more information or to suggest a topic for a white paper.

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Safety and Automation: Evaluating a Critical Relationship

All 2016Z

Supplier and Platform Selection Criteria and Evaluation

All 2016Y

A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge: Chapters 13, 18, 31

All 2016X

Keep Startup and Commissioning Projects on Track

Startup and Commissioning 2015Z

The Path to a Successful Startup

Startup and Commissioning 2015

What You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Control System

DCS Migration 2014

Integrating Multigenerational Automation Systems

Automation Solutions | DCSNext2014

Putting SPC to Work in Manufacturing: Reducing Variability and Increasing Productivity

Data Historians 2013

Aligning Business and Automation Strategy

Strategic Engagements 2012

A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge

All 2013

DCS Gap Identification: Part 2 — Avoiding Mistakes Through Design and Migration Planning

DCS Migration | DCSNext2012

Augment Your Staff: Gain Agility and Expertise Through Flexible Staffing

Remote Management | PlantFloor242012

Remote Management Best Practices

Remote Management | PlantFloor242012

Integrate Your Applications: Gain Efficiency Through Dissemination of Data

Remote Management | PlantFloor242012

DCS Gap Identification: Part 1 — Avoid the Pitfalls of DCS Migration with Front-End Loading

DCS Migration | DCSNext2012

You’re Agile or You’re Dead

DCS Migration | DCSNext2011

In Today’s Economy, the Best Investment Is in Your Own Back Yard: How to Invest in Yourself for Maximum ROI

Strategic Engagements 2009

Upgrading Your DCS: Why You May Need to Do it Sooner Than You Think

DCS Migration | DCSNext2016

The 10 Essential Elements of a Successful DCS Migration

DCS Migration | DCSNext2012

MES: Take the Time Upfront

Manufacturing Execution Systems 2009

APC: A Status Report (The Patient is Still Breathing!)

Advanced Process Control 2008

How to Succeed in Your Position in the Process Automation Organization

All 2008

Choosing the Right Partner for Your Enterprise Integration Project

ERP for Manufacturing 2008

How to Ensure Safety in Process Plants

All | PlantFloor242008

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Visualization Tools for LeanManufacturing Facilities

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence 2008

Estimating the Cost of Enterprise Software System Implementations: It’s Often “Buyer Beware” (Dynamics AX)

Manufacturing Execution Systems 2007

Take Control: Using Enterprise Batch Records to Build Your MES

Manufacturing Execution Systems 2012

Transforming Your ERP System into a Solution for Higher Profitablility

ERP for Manufacturing 2009

Alarm Management Best Practices: Highly Condensed

HMI Design 2013

The Road to Integration: Getting Acquainted with ISA-95

Enterprise Integration 2013