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You're in Control with NWA SPC / SQC and EMI Solutions

Northwest Analytics (NWA) software uses real-time process and quality information to help manufacturers maintain product consistency, reduce process variability and increase product quality. The company got its start with statistical process and quality control (SPC / SQC) software, which is available today as NWA’s Quality Analyst® product. Its Quality Information System™ software expanded on the SPC / SQC solution to include automatic and manual data collection, user interfaces and system interfaces. Focus EMI® (enterprise manufacturing intelligence) is NWA’s newest product, offering real-time, role-based dashboards that display process and quality information and provide statistical process and quality control, all supported with enterprise-wide KnowledgeBase™ and Collaboration™ solutions.

Why MAVERICK Technologies

Just as MAVERICK focuses on systems integration services, NWA focuses on software development. Our partnership offers manufacturers a singular opportunity to take advantage of both areas of expertise by implementing comprehensive and fully integrated SPC / SQC and EMI solutions. The result is simple yet powerful process and quality controls solutions backed by the deep industry knowledge that MAVERICK is known for.

Our partnership with NWA and our years of experience give us the unique ability to help you continuously improve your manufacturing process with ongoing, real-time feedback. MAVERICK has worked exclusively for manufacturers since our founding in 1999, and in that time we’ve developed domain expertise in every aspect of manufacturing. All of that insight, combined with NWA software, adds up to a superior understanding of the manufacturing process and how to help you make the improvements you want.

What You Get with MAVERICK and NWA

  • Superior quality and process control — Monitor manufacturing and quality processes in real time to proactively address problems before they develop.
  • Improved product consistency — Minimize defects, rejects and rework by determining the root cause of variability and addressing it directly.
  • Increased quality and productivity — Increase product quality, productivity and yields by proactively managing the manufacturing and quality processes.
  • Continuous improvement — Identify production issues and analyze solutions over weeks, months or even longer to assess their effectiveness.
  • Seamless integration — Let MAVERICK integrate the NWA software for a comprehensive process and quality control solution.
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