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Customer Support

MAVERICK Technologies offers a wide range of customizable support options to meet your operational requirements. With 21 offices strategically located across the United States, we can work on-site, remotely or both, depending on your needs. Our team understands the manufacturing process because of our deep experience across industries, and we take a platform-independent approach to each problem to ensure the best solution.

If you are interested in learning about what MAVERICK can do for you, call 888.917.9109 for immediate assistance.

If you’re a current MAVERICK client in need of support, please call our 24-hour service line: 888.917.9107. Otherwise, please contact us now.

Ongoing Support

Whether you need a comprehensive operations support package or specific services performed on a periodic basis, MAVERICK delivers.


Don’t just run your plant — run better every day with PlantFloor24, our total operations support and improvement solution. We provide remote 24/7/365 U.S.-based support and dispatch our 500+ professionals to work on-site as needed. View PlantFloor24 offering >

Maintenance and Support Contracts

Work with MAVERICK to create a flexible, custom contract for ongoing maintenance and support services that meet your specific needs. View maintenance and support contract information >