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Leadership Team

MAVERICK Technologies’ talented engineering team, automation specialists, consultants and IT professionals offer the certifications and region-specific knowledge needed to get the job done right. As we develop each new client relationship, we consult our comprehensive Skills Database to form a qualified team of experts who have the industry intelligence and practical experience required to help that client attain new levels of efficiency and profitability. For example, if you have a need for control systems engineering that includes a specific skill set, in a specific location, we mine our skills database to identify the best resource to fit your needs. Above all, our dedicated management group leads every initiative with unwavering focus on success.

Meet some members of our leadership team who help make MAVERICK one of the top automation companies.

Paul J. Galeski
“To provide the best service, we have to always keep our finger on the pulse of our clients’ industries. We then help them incorporate new technologies and best practices that will help them advance beyond where they were yesterday — and beyond their competitors. ‘Where potential meets performance’ isn’t just a snappy tagline, it’s words we live by.” more …

John Mills
Senior Vice President, Operations
"At MAVERICK, we strive to combine the collective skill sets of our employees with our broad industrial experience and our proven methodologies to deliver solutions that enable our customers to run better every day." more …

Suzanne Scrabis
Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration
“Being a ‘maverick’ means thinking outside the box all the time and having the ability to effect change at all levels of an organization. It means doing the right thing even when no one is looking. We’re really great at what we do. We have the ability to do almost anything that is asked of us, and we can turn on a dime to make it happen.” more …

Jim Huff
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
“MAVERICK is that rare company that balances the needs of its customers and its employees to make an impact in the automation profession. We focus on aligning the capabilities of modern technology while delivering real benefits to our customers.” more …

Larry Ray
Vice President, Corporate Services
“At MAVERICK, we think outside the box, doing what’s right and enjoying what we do. Our employees are our primary asset, and we empower them to make a difference in their work — both for MAVERICK and for our clients. The growth potential and career paths are unlimited.” more …

Greg Millinger
Vice President, Enterprise Integration
“At MAVERICK, you are our business partner first. We focus on helping you attain your business goals by providing deep domain expertise in your particular production process. Our knowledge of your specific challenges drives us to finding solutions; our job is to solve problems for you and make you better at what you do. We spend the hundreds of hours needed to research and formulate the best possible solutions, saving you time and money. We are your partners in operational excellence!” more …